My Creative Process Part 2 of 4

Stage 2 of my creative process is to take notes, if I haven’t been doing so already, and to start auditioning my materials for the new work/series.   

My drawing desk on which I keep a piece of white butcher paper.  I like the white paper as it allows me to draw on it, take notes, and audition darkers objects such as these letter press blocks.

For those of you following my blogs you know that I have a large inventory of supplies to work with: these supplies range from naturally dyed fabrics, to handmade papers (many I made myself), inks, paint, threads, beads, shells, rocks, etc.  Actually, what I have are collections.  Collections that I have been creating and adding too since I was about nine years of age.

Some natural dye materials for dyeing fabric and fibers.

Rusty objects for dyeing fabrics and papers as well as for inspiration.

Shell bits and rocks from one of my collections, these live on my desk.

As part of the creative process I audition many of the objects in my collections, and image library, sometimes it's a series of phrases I've read in a book that inspire a piece.