Black Bean Soup - canned

Soaked black beans that have been drained and rinsed. Partially cooked pork butt roast - it's ok to partially cook as it will be pressure canned for 90 plus minutes under 10 +/- pounds of pressure which yeilds a very tender meat.

I love this old jar it unfortunately had a chip in the rip and I didn't catch that so the jar didn't seal. I guess I have no choice but to take it to my studio and store buttons and beads in it now!

Fill the jars half way with black beans. I soaked the beans for two days, draining and rinsing them once a day.

Add cubed pork to the jars, about a half cups worth more or less.

Got pork?

Top off with pork broth, I had broth left over from roasting the meat, or just warm water.

Black Bean Soup ready to be pressure canned.

We had left over pork so we canned it up in quart jars (made two quarts) and canned it along side the Black Bean Soup. In retrospect I should have put the meat into pint jars. Oh well it'll make excellent bbq pork!

Black bean soup with pork - canned at 10 pounds of pressure for 110 minutes (I forgot to shut it off in time). Canned pork (from a pork butt roast) NOTE: It is better to store your jars with the rings off, one removing them ensures that the jars are indeed sealed properly and two the rings cannot rust to the jars which is a common problem esp. in humid areas.

Chicken Update

We survived our first experience pressure canning - chicken of all things! I've done lots of BWB, boiling water baths in my adult life, and pressure cooking food, but never pressure canning food in jars. 40 pounds of chicken hind quarters yeilds approximately 14 pints and a half of chicken in broth, 14 quarts of broth, and about 5 pounds of chicken fat.

All American Canner

My friend Nancy brought her All American Canner over, I believe it's the 941, anyway who knew how greatful I'd really be! Dh bought, on spectulation that the freezer that was arriving yesterday would actually work, 40 pounds of chicken parts! Well lets just say I'll be canning lots of chicken tonight.
Yes I love color and tried a few things on the walls in my kitchen, but then got busy and wasn't able to finish the job. In the next few weeks I'll be painting the kitchen a very nice medici white (sherwin williams) and the ceiling a nice pale yellow. Haven't decided on a cabinet color yet.