Faerie Wings

The last peak until the final assembly! But I couldn't resist the wings are beautiful, but they are NOT done yet I'm going to couch some constructed threads to the surfaces of the wings to give them strength and dimension then I will attach them to a fitting that can be snapped onto the faerie body.

The back side of the wings consist of angelina fused to painted misty fuse which is fused to painted silk organza and is againg fused, with painted misty fuse, to hand painted papers! I then stitched the elements using a rayon thread to match the angelina and a shimmery copper metallic on the paper side (bobbin stitched).

Faerie update

Well I wasn't happy with the way my other Faerie was coming along so I decided to use a pattern for the body out of Patti Culea's book Cloth Doll Making. The body is now painted and is air drying as I write and while a bit bigger than I had wanted at least it'll come out the way I was hoping the body should look.

Later tonight I'll assemble the body, make a decision on the face, and then start embellishing the Faerie and her clothes. I'm working with the water theme still and that's all I'll say. Come August 25th I can give the big reveal. I will say this fingers and toes are hard on a pint sized Faerie!

Faerie Hands???

I'm participating in a Faerie Swap over at Etsy Cottage Style ( a .ning.com social network) and the challenge it to keep it under $15. No problem there, the big problem is deciding what to pull out of my stash to put my Water Nymph Faerie together with, since Faeries are small there are a lot of options when looking in ones vintage piles and in ones scrap fabric pile.

Here I've been making hands and arms with natural dye painted cotton fabrics. Oh and you cannot listen to just any ole music while working on a Faerie, one must listen to Faerie inspired music, GOOD LUCK!!! So I've pulled out some classical piano music loaded it onto my computer in hopes of further inspiration. If that doesn't work I'll go check out some Tasha Tudor and or some Beatrix Potter from the library.