Some minor changes

I made some minor changes to my art website k. baxter packwood today so if you see something you are interested in there is additional information on my art website.

I'm in sore need of updating everything, I have some 40 scarves, all of which are gorgeous, that need their pictures taken and then they need to be put up on my art website for sale. I just haven't found the time but maybe this weekend, if I sell these scarves then I can make more. Sometimes I wish a little photography elf would show up in my studio and take pics while I'm merrily working away and put them up on the websites for me.

Next I need to get all of my links updated and working, if you'd like to share links please let me know. I'm still trying to figure out how to make logo buttons, well I have some made but I can't seem to get them uploaded to the blog, even though I made a draft of the image already. In some respects I loathe computers, they are so difficult to get things done on.