Of Studios and Women

Well what can I say except Of Mice and Men was taken. Anyway...

I've been busy the last two days, and barring any brain crushing headaches that send me back to the hospital I'm hoping that tomorrow will be a great day as well. The doc still doesn't really know what happened except that it was a combination of things and it's probably a miracle that I'm even here.

So far I've had a CT scan, a MRI, an eye exam (20 20 vision what more could a girl pushing 40 ask for right) and chest x-rays. Talk about your 40 mile work up! Anyway I see another doc on Monday. I'm thinking it's a combination of being bit, twice, stress from the shopping cart refusing to cooperate, and the anesthesia still wearing off, from surgery I had 4 weeks ago. It's just a guess, but my friends and I are starting to think it's the 40 mile melt down, the body gets older I stress it out and it attacks me back - sound fair enough???

Here's a pic for some visual eye candy, in progress as ususal. I'll be sure to post a pic of the piece when it's done.