Bite Marks

I went to the emeregency room yesterday, and after a cat scan I was sent home with some drugs and told to stay out of hte light and away from noise for 24 hours. I was told I had had a "neurological event".

Well I found the cause this morning, don't know if the quacks in this town can handle it or not, but I have a bite mark, looks pretty much like the mark of a brown recluse. If so this is my third time being bit, which can't possibly be good for me.

I was in the rose bushes, trying to get to the water valve so I could water my garden, don't ask I'll take pics and you'll understand why. Anyway I felt something bite my legs, twice actually and I do have two bite marks. I shrugged it of as skeeters and watered the gardens.

I was in the emergency room a half hour later. Anyway...