Gelatin Plate Printing

Tomorrow is a day dedicated to Gelatin Plate and other things, my supplies finally showed up today. I ran out of materials to work with, I'm still cringing at the cost of my favorite paper, haven't bought it yet either, but I admit it I'm a Rives BFK paper junkie! Unforutantely I cannot purchase this paper locally anymore so I'm stuck ordering a carton of the paper, you don't even want to know how expensive this is going to be, trust me you could buy a lot of thread!

Here are some pieces of silk dupoini that I made prints onto using my gelatin plate, I used natural dyes, lac extract, on the plate. If I can find it I'll put the before curing and washing pic up so you can see just how much color is lost in the process. I'm still getting used to, after all these years, making my extract solutions about 50% darker than I think I'll actually need. It takes some getting used to because your eyes tell your brain it's way too dark but in the wash out phase, especially on cotton, it typically comes out where it really should be value and color wise.