Untitled in Red all pinned up

And somewhere to go! I haven't decided the orientation yet, other than it will be vertical. I need to flip it 180 degrees and see if I like it the other way first, then I"m off to audition threads and thread colors. I definately decided on machine stitching, dh informed me that he knew I'd decide on that as hand stitching would take too long on such a large piece; it's 54" or more long.

Now I just need to go fetch my music from the wet studio and I'm good to go. I may do some attachements to this piece, haven't decided yet. I will redeem my sample piece however, with attachements, and a psuedo applique of sorts, I'll show you all later. I have a quilt piece I need to get done for Doing Small Things and this sample piece is going to fit right in with what I was thinking.