Day 5 Studio Clean Up.


I didn’t get much done clean up wise in my studio, the past four days due to my asthma flaring up and pretty bad. I made the mistake in going out in the extreme cold (6F with a -12F) without my Vogmask. See that 6F was a whole lot warmer than the previous day when it was -23F and that wasn’t the windchill.

So I spent the past few days enjoying my favorite magazines, let there be turquoise, and reading cookbooks.

I’m taking an online class over that the Jeanne Oliver Network studying Impressionist Berthe Morisot and I seem to have forgotten how to draw. So back to the table to practice, practice, practice.

I’m back to using my pan pastels again, love them just don’t love having them strewn out all over my work surface. I need a storage system/container for these little beasts.

One Thing a Day February!


My studio is a disaster zone, it used to be a pleasant well organized space not so much anymore.

So I’ve decided to make February ‘One thing a Day’ month, where I work on one area or project each day devoting the entire day to that task. I figure if I do this each day then my studio will be a pleasant well organized space once again.

Who wants to join me?

Day 23 New Boots!

Last Saturday I put on my barely worn hiking boots only to have the soles fall completely off within twenty minutes of donning said boots.

Today I went to the farm store and bought a new pair of work boots (Justins), and have already broke them in helping John with a few things in our semi frozen muddy back yard. I love my new boots!!!