Day 13 Let's Eat!

People are always amazed that I’ve lost 85+ pounds and John has lost 70+ pounds based on the photos I share of our meals. Truth is we’re allowed treat days. The trick is to not allow treat days to become treat weeks, months or years.

We’ve been following the 21 Day Fix (A Beach Body on Demand) meal plan for two years now, I’ve adapted the foods we like to eat to the containers and to the meal plan. It works for us, this however, doesn’t mean it would work for everyone.

The containers work very well for me, with my being a very visual person. Imagine that a fine artist and also a visual person, lol! John has gotten so used to it now that if he isn’t sure he’ll ask me where he’s at with his containers.

Some days we go over, and other days we're woefully short of meeting the containers, for me it’s fruit that I have a hard time meeting for my weight bracket. And this is where my coach, and the BOD support groups come in handy. I can share my gains, my loses, failures, and triumphs there and always get tons of positive feed back!