Creating a Strategic Objectives Journal for 2014

Am working through Lisa Sonora Beam's "Creative Entreprenure" book again, last time was 2008/09, and am now just creating my Strategic Objectives Journal.  I have to say this has been a lot of fun this time around, it especially helps that I now understand most of what she discusses, this due to five years of reading and researching how to run a business. (Raven Stencil available soon!!!)

And what would a journal be if I didn't personalize it with my own artwork?  Blackbirds in Tree from StencilGirl Products stencil with FolkArt Indigo paint for the first layer of this journal section.  I found these old manilla folders in hubs office, when I say old we're talking 30-40 years old here, and am repurposing them for my new journal. 

How I dealt with the uneven edge of the manilla folder, I simply placed a piece of old reciept journal paper under the folder edge. 

The journal paper freshly stencilled.  I'll add more layers to this piece of paper and glue it inside of the journal somewhere.  More later, I have more birds to paint now that the first layer has dried, while I think about my objectives.

Crow Ornaments

My inspiration bird a raven that was sitting on my grape arbor this summer.  We don't get many ravens here, mostly crows, and I was really happy to snap his pic before he left.

Needle felted black merino wool and blue calypso angelina fibers made into a constructed cloth.

The same black needle felted wool and the back side of the angelina cloth which consists of black shred and forest floor angelina fibers.

ATC constructed of peltex, double sided adhesive, with kona PFD fabric, bird body consists of black merino felt, and the wings I made of layers of angelina fibers. 

The back side of the crow ornament I will cover it with vintage black german glass glitter when I'm finished with the stitching.  The backround colors are from Tsukineko Walnut Inks - Cherry Blossom and Adirondaks Inks - Butterscotch.  I made the card during today's live Ustream  You can view the recorded video at my Ustream link, click the previous link or do a search for kbaxterpackwood!