Orange Marmalade

The mixture is covered in water, brought to a boil and then simmered for 5 minutes. It then sits for 12-18 hours and you add the sugar and boil again.

Lemon peels sans the pith and lemon sections on top of the orange sections and orange peels.

Here's a lemon that has been peeled and the pith removed from the sections, I'd never seen a peeled lemon before. Yes I really do need to get out more!!! Dh said the acid from the lemons made his hands burn so you may wish to wear gloves if you are sensitive to these sorts of things.

Oranges cut into sections and the pith removed from the peels.

These oranges came from Texas and were very good! Rio Queen is the variety.

Orange Marmalade in Progress~! This recipe is in the Ball Blue Book.

We stopped at HyVee this afternoon and they had a very good price on oranges 18 pounds for $5.48 I've been wanting to make some for a really long time now but it's hard to find oranges that are not all pith. These oranges were superb in tangyness and in sweetness. We've decided to go back and get another bag tomorrow for juicing. I have plans to make a batch of cranberry orange marmalade as well.

Black Raspberry Jam - Done

I tried a new method tonight instead of using the instructions to make jam, the ones that come in the pectin box, I used the BBB's strawberry jam recipe. AND the jam actually set up!!! So I'm quite happy right now especially after my last two batches of jam "failed" to set up, they'll make excellent sauce but I was aiming for jam not sauce.

Black Raspberry Jam - In Progress

In progress my jam making efforts were interrupted last night due to excessive chicken broth canning - some things always take longer than you think they will. So the berries sit in the fridge covered in sugar.

I found it rather interesting the ball blue book has several recipes for Strawberry Jam - the recommended recipe for Black Raspberry Jam is the Strawberry Jam but which one??? I went with the one on page 81 of my book which means not cooking the berries prior to processing them, the flavor is really strong.