Girls of Summer

Solo Show Hung

Hung my solo show in the "Ding Darling" Gallery at the Neal Smith Wildlife Refuge Center today.  It looks great, there will be info sheets hanging between the large panels.  It took us, Doreen and I, an hour to hang these panels.

I can see I need to work on my hanging mechanisms, it's picture wire on the back but for some reason they really lean forward.

Girls of Summer - Solo Exhibition


You might be wondering what I'm babbling about, and for good reason.  Yes I did have a solo show coming up still do, I set up on this coming Monday,  it was to be called She was Third Class.  Well I started having problems with the pieces I was making for starters given the current state of the economy researching third class social status for women in America was becoming, well depressing!  Couple this with John being very ill, massive flooding which meant I was out of my studio for two whole weeks, and that everytime I started to work on the subject cows kept coming to mind, I decided to shelve this project for awhile.  I want to approach it from a satirical point of view, not a depressing point of view. 

In come the Girls of Summer... but the Girls of Summer is about "Cows".  Yep out in the pasture grazing on grass is my happy place!  I love cows, they make me smile and quite frankly if you've ever watched them long enough, they will also crack you up.  Having spent one long hot summer milking 300 cows twice a day, on a 600 dairy cow farm, taught me a LOT about cows and cow humor.

So enter the "Girls".  I'm still doing encaustic for this show, very large panels in fact that will require some torch work over the weekend.  If I did the math correctly the 10 pieces I am currently working on will just fit onto the one wall. 

More later with pictures ;-)