Solo Show Hung

Hung my solo show in the "Ding Darling" Gallery at the Neal Smith Wildlife Refuge Center today.  It looks great, there will be info sheets hanging between the large panels.  It took us, Doreen and I, an hour to hang these panels.

I can see I need to work on my hanging mechanisms, it's picture wire on the back but for some reason they really lean forward.

Purple Bison

I started this piece several years ago, click here, I'll have to search the archives to find the first post on this piece. I found it in a drawer last night and decided it needed finishing!

Digital print on brown craft paper (paper bag actually)

Logwood dyed silk chiffon

Linen and hemp threads dyed with natural dyes

8x10 inches

Prairie Calling

Graze 5 x 7 inches

Youth at Dusk - 5 x 5 inches square

I've been too busy to make it over to Neil Smith Prairie so I decided to take some time and play with some images I took last year during rut season. I photographed approximately 30-40 young male bisons, all competing for the hearts - ahemmmm - of a few females.

Prints of these images are available on my store see little panel to the left to get there. Speaking of I joined the Iowa Street Team - it's a Yahoo list, and Wow there are a lot of Etsy people in my neck of the woods, which is really exciting!