Where Have I Been?

I have been in the middle of a studio redux, aka purging, pitching, and then setting the space up in a more organized manner.

I've posted photos of how my studio looked before, so there's no sense in belaboring that topic.  Since I've been asked before where I bought my studio furniture well John built all of the cubbies and shelf units you seen in these photos.

My self-imposed deadline to have the space vacated in front of that big picture window is tonight.  My self-imposed deadline to move my drawing table in front of said window is Sunday night, because there's a whole lotta cleaning, and further purging, that's going to happen between now and Sunday.

Studio Redux - 062511

Cubbies!  John and Keith moved these down from the second story into the new space.  Floor has been washed and now the cubbies are almost full with fabrics, etc.

Now to start moving my threads etc., into the space.  Eventually, maybe by this time tomorrow, all of the boxes, etc., to the left will be gone.  I'm pacing myself so as to not re-injure my rotar cuff.

Almost There - Studio Redux

Let me start this post by saying how much I hate humidity!  I really really really hate humidity!

The cubbies are almost empty and ready to move to the new studio space, so much to do and so little time to get it all done in :-(  I'm a day behind but otherwise am very happy with the progress being made :-)

The green wall is where the cubbies will be going, soon the boxes, filing cabinet, and the loom will be going bye bye along with all of the bags of wool in the wire cubbies to the left.  On the red case to the right I will hang my thread racks, and underneath those will go my thread/bead bins.  My studio table will live in the large open area, it all looks small in the photos but is actually quite spacious.  The cubbies are approximately 5 feet by 8 feet by 14 inches deep.

The contents of the cubbies have been moved to the new studio and are hogging my cutting table space.  It doesn't look like much but BON it does fill the cubbies to capacity.  The cutting table will soon leave and my drawing table will take it's place.