Corn - A New Series

I am working on a new series of pieces around the subject of corn.  There are seven pieces, so far, in the series and they consist of my natural and compost dyed (eco-dyed/printed) fabrics and machine stitching.  Each piece is approximately 7x7 inches and is machine stitched onto a timtex core.

As many of you, my followers, know I struggle with wanting the prairie of 200 years ago versus the prairie that we have today.  My mother told me once that I was born about 250 years too late, that's how much I love the rugged primitive prairie.  Where I expect to see a bison rounding over a hill instead I'm greeted with a tractor or a combine.  Where I think there should be teepees and other primitive housing I'm greeted with silos and barns instead. 

There is, however, one piece that binds both the past and today together and that bit is Corn!  In doing a survey of the artwork I've produced over the past 15 or so years there is one theme that seems to be repeated and that is the theme of corn.

So with the idea of corn in mind I am setting out to create a series dedicated to that which intrigues and haunts me, corn.