Mark Making with Nature DVD - Back in Stock!!!

Mark Making with Nature DVD - Now back in Stock!
By Surface Designer Kimberly Baxter Packwood
Over 2 hours of Video Instruction (5 Discs) & 53 Pages of Supplemental Instruction Included(PDF)
Everything you ever wanted to know to create unique cloth using natural dyes is covered in thisDVD Set, an excellent companion to the Compost Dyeing and Other Fermentation Technqiues Book.

Topics Covered Include:
  • Compost Dyeing: Several methods of compost dyeing are demonstrated.
  • Screen Printing with natural dyes, using thickeners and more.
  • Bound Resists with natural dyes how to obtain rich layers of color on fabric. Monoprinting & Stamping with natural dyes.
  • Create additional depth and design to your fabrics by stamping and printing them using natural dyes and pigments.
  • Dye Painting with natural dyes using thickeners, gutta resists, and much much more. Pigments: using pigments with natural dyes to create additional character to your art cloth.
Included is a 51 PDF booklet (this booklet is on a CDROM which you can then print out) that includes additional images and details on how to obtain gorgeous art cloth using natural dyes.