Prairie Potholes No. 14 Amber Waves

Done! I'll take better photos tomorrow out of doors with better lighting! I took this while it was on my studio table, I'm so glad to be finished with this piece I fought the digital printer all day and finally had to settle for this piece but I'm satisfied and that's all that matters right???
The red lines if you look at them closely enough depict a red crow my maternal grandfather had, he was Mi'kmaq as was my maternal grandmother and my mother - which makes me half. The picture in the fore front was printed on silk organza and is a double overlay of clouds over prairie grasses and this over lays printed cotton of the same clouds, depicting time, traveling in time through story telling. My mother loved telling stories and could make a story up in an instant. I never understood how important this was to her until after her death, when I learned more about her heritage and how important story telling was in NA culture.