Tree Bark

Here's some tree bark to tide you over until I can get some studio pics taken. I'm thinking that the leaf colors won't be that great this year, good thing I've taken hundreds of them to tide me over until next year!

Creativity Start:

  • For fall inspiration I love go stand next a tree, looking up, then photograph what I see!
  • Do this in the early morning, midday and in the evening - use the same tree and same spot if at all possible, in your notebook write down what you see, how are the views different?
  • Note if some or even all of the leaves have fallen off of the tree since the last time you looked.
  • How are the colors differnt?
  • How are the lines, space, voids different?
  • Was it cloudy or was the sky a bright clear blue?
  • This exercise helps me to get unstuck, I do it throughout the year, usually I am standing under the crab apple trees as they have really nice branches and the blossoms in the spring just can't be beat.
  • If your standing under a maple or an aspen/birch note the color of the leaves and whether they are becoming more translucent,
  • How does the light reflect off the the leaves?
  • How does the light reflecting from the leaves affect your impression of the branches?

More later