Extreme Embroidery 1

Don't you just love it when you think you have tabbed down into the box and your typing away only to look up and realize you never made it to the box! that's the kind of day I'm having.

Actually I'm off to take a nap here in a few minutes. My extreme embroidery class begins tonight, I'm ready, as ready as I'll ever be, and I'm sure it'll be fine, I have my syllabus done but not my zine, considering how much pain I've been in, it hurts really bad to sit, it's not suprising, what is suprising is that I have gotten anything done at all.

Anyway... Wendy, my employee and assistant, painted some fabrics for me to use as my base for the class, she's a real sweetien and has been a major help to me th is summer ;-) Loretta has been coming in and doing some extra work that has also helped me out and in a big way, their being there at the shop allows me to come home and sleep off the muscle relaxer before class starts.

Anyway... The piece I'm going to work on tonight, that I am demoing on, will hopefully start to resemeble tree bark after awhile, I do love tree bark and all if it's intrcasies (sp?) and it's endless possiblities. So in thinking about tree bark I realize I need to dye some carrier rods in browns, and maybe some bluish and or greenish browns. After all tree bark isn't exactly brown.
This reminds me of the story I was told about a little boy that was given detention by his school teacher for refusing to color the tree brown, he protested stating that trees are not brown. I'm sure it's happening in schools everywhere. That was one smart, observant, little boy!