Laundry Rooms

I think we can safely say that cleaning the laundry room is on my top ten list of things I don't ever want to do again. Well now that it's really cleaned it'll be easier to keep clean. Even the dark creepy places, under the stairwell, are cleaned. Here's a pic of my beautiful white elephant, bugs the husband when I call her that but that's what she is.

And there is nothing like cleaning appliances to reveal all of their mysteries, like the socks that disappear, my moms dinner napkins, the washer must have been exceptionally hungery. Now that they've been pulled out it's time to replace the water hoses to the washer, they are leaking, slowly, but leaking none the less. So maybe it's God's blessing that I got distracted by the mess on the floor, which sent me into cleaning overdrive. Tomorrow we will replace the hoses and spare ourselves a huge mess. We'll take the dryer vent apart tomorrow as well, to see if it needs cleaning, I suspect it does, it's been a year since I cleaned the vent.