Cleaning, Dyeing and Other Things

I posted a pic of my two latest loves, bird feeders. I love watching the hummingbirds and the finches feed. I have a male cardinal, who has been happy munching my grapes, who has no feathers on his head. It's due to mites from what I've been told, his crown is starting to grow back in, but he does look plum silly.

It started with a mess on the laundry room floor, and I must be nuts. Because next thing I know we've mopped half of the room, which is now drying and am cleaning everything in site. The laundry room is approximately one third of the basement, and it's a bear to clean, so I really try to advoid cleaning it if I can. Well today is it's lucky day I guess. Once half of it is dry we'll move everything to the other side of the room and wash it down. That's just the tip of the iceberg, as they say6, I have two deep freezers, one chest, one upright, and an "all" refridgerator in that room that need to be cleaned and/or defrosted and cleaned. I'm just a barrel of fun ;-0

I put the ugly shirt into the cochineal bath, it's coming out a lovely purple color, kinda blotchy which I like. I'm planning to go over it with the Shiva Paintstiks when I'm done with the dyeing process. It's a good piece to play with and see how far I can push the surface.

Speaking of pushing I found out that yes you can use the Shiva Paintstiks on fabric first and then dye, the fabric, with indigo. The indigo did not harm the paint on the fabric, I was quite pleased this worked.