Dyeing and more Wool

FYI those are names I'm giving the colors of my natural dyed fibers, I did NOT use grapes or raspberries to dye with. The grape one is 3 dips in indigo with cochineal over dye. The raspberry one is 2 dips in indigo with cochineal overdye. That is cotton bias tape yarn that I dyed, and will have for sale soon. The Carnation pink is cochineal with cream of tartar. The raspberry wool is cochineal. Everything has an alum mordant.

Ditto for the wool felted fabric. I'm debating whether to turn this lovely fabric into a vest, or into a tote. I'm leaning towards a vest. I like the pink color, it's me what can I say. I just need to find some fabric to line the vest with, I have a wool woolrich vest that is line with some sort of faux sherling material. It has a zippered front which I like a lot, and is a dark charcoal grey. I bought it at the woolrich outlet store near duluth MN. But there are times when I want one that is a bit more girlish, but unfortunately I'm a large woman and most of the feminine woolrich clothes are mockingly small! I mean who picked that size range anyway, their xl is a small, if you ask me.

I felted 5 wool sweaters and a wool vest this afternoon. I'll take pics later, before I cut them apart. Right now I"m off to run errands, later I'll be cutting my pieces apart for some wild and wooly mittens. I may do some small knitted patches that I'll felt to add to my collection, since I can't find colors I am wanting.

Oh and the beige sweater fit me so I'm planning to dye it and use if for myself!!! That was the first question hubby asked me was if any of them fit me, of the ones I felted, nope they were all smalls and mediums, otherwise I would have kept them too.