Dog Beds

I'll have to post pics later, but I'm making dog beds for the dogs. I'm using left over fabrics and old jeans that I"m planning to recycle, and we have quite a few jeans I can recycle at that. I will admit to wanting to be decadent with my sheltie, Angel, and buy some pink faux fur fabric and make her a swanky dog bed. But well I'm too practical, but I did pet the fur at JoAnns though.

Plus the little mutt loves her cheapy rag rug, that I bought at Wal Mart some ten years ago for a dollar. I wash is, hide it, she finds it and drags it back into her kennel. I'm hoping she'll like her new bed, I'll leave her her rag rug with the new bed, just in case.

Speaking of hte brat, today she finally started coming up to us, for affection, and didn't run off. It's been almost a year, about the 21st in fact, that we've had her, she was a rescue. Now to just get her house broken.