An Hour A Day

I've decided that I need to spend more time with my two loves, aside from my dearest hubby. My passion for textile art, and God. So I"m taking two hours a day out of my schedule, an hour for each one. I need to go clean out my chair in the spare room so I can read and do my quite times.

I've already taken an hour for my stitching today, I started working on a piece I'm calling "Gypsy Girl". My rules for myself are I cannot run out an buy anything for the project, other than needles for sewing with (my sewing machine loves to eat them) and/or thread, because sometimes I do run out. I"m hoping by imposing this limit on myself, which will probably last until garage sale season, I'll use up my ever burgeoning stash of fabrics, buttons, trims and the like. I have some fabrics, from my paternal grandmother, that I would like to make into something special.

I also have a collaborative project I need to get busy with. I now have all of the materials necessary, except I still need to get my argon tank back, to make my sculptures.