Day 16 Priorities and all of That!

I’ll be back later to write a much longer post, that post will be about first dates and yikes doesn’t even begin to cover what I’ve been learning about how much youngsters are spending on a first date these days!

This past year has been about priorities, actually it’s been about making myself a priority for the first time in seventeen years! If you’ve been following me on Facebook you will see what looks like I’ve spent a ton of money on clothes and boots. Well actually I’m very good at thrifting so no, I haven’t spent thousands of dollars on clothes and boots!

I’ve simply spent what a normal person would spend on themselves in say a two year period of time. I’ve replaced a lot of clothes, lost 85 pounds, and a lot of boots that my feet outgrew… once again. I’d really love it if my feet would stop growing.

Speaking of boots I bought a new pair of inserts yesterday and are divine, if you have high arches you may want to check out the inserts pictured above! I also bought four new pairs of wool blend socks yesterday… my feet are a top priority, I may live in my PJ’s seven days a week but I try to take good care of my feet!

The hat fetish… well it’s not really a fetish I’m my mamma’s girl and I love hats! That said about a year ago the hair on my head started falling out, it took until August of this year to figure out why and I’m still not sure we have the problem resolved.

So cue in the larger than life hat collection! I bought four new hats at Walmart yesterday so I would have something I could wear in my studio and not have to worry about it getting ruined with gesso, paint, wax, and the like. I still need a cowgirl hat to wear in my studio, cause well… I love wearing cowgirl hats!

I had extensive food allergies done in August and it turns out I’m allergic to citrus, pineapple, mangos, papaya, jack fruit, and am intolerant to citric acid. Actually, it turns out I’m pretty much allergic to all tropical fruits.

The shampoo and hair care products I was using was not only high in citric acid, but also contained citrus juice and citrus botanicals, whatever that is… shrugs shoulders.

I had my hair cut for the first time in six months yesterday and my hair dresser was pleased that the hair on my head was coming back in, it’s about three to four inches now, and she washed my hair with a new product that’s supposed to help keep it from falling out. And I’m to do a coconut oil treatment at least once a month to help nourish my hair… not sure how that’s supposed to work but I’ll try anything at this point to keep my hair from being so dry and damaged.

The Marigold Vat… uh, yeah, more on that later.