Hey, y'all!!! Just popping in to let you know that Brenda and I were chatting about doing a crazy quilt challenge that will be outside of the box! We're thinking skulls, curiosities, vintage dead bird Christmas cards (yes that really was a thing back in the day), and the like on either 9-inch hearts or 9-inch hexies (that's a hexie where each side is 9 inches).

The challenge will take place in my facebook group Almost Stitched!

I plan to start collecting stuff for my 9-inch hexie this afternoon. I'll be using my natural dyed silk velvet fabrics, rust dyed fabrics and trims, resin crow skulls, vintage images of birds, skulls and the like printed onto fabric (or image transfers), found objects, bones, and other curiosities combined with traditional stitches, antique and vintage trims I plan to distress, and more. Once I get my collection gathered for my hexie I'll post a photo here.

The Deadline for one heart or hexie would be December 31st