He was all Messed Up!


After twenty-four hours of thunderstorms Oliver has finally calmed down and is happily sleeping in the middle of my studio floor. This photo was taken yesterday during the height of a very loud thunderstorm and my poor baby was shivering and like crazy. No thunder shirts are not an option as I’d never be able to get it on him by myself.

So nothing went as planned yesterday, aside from taking time to have a nice chat with a dear friend! And that’s how it rolls sometimes when you have to put your pets comfort and safety before everything else. Studio can wait, hand stitching can wait, drawing… it can wait.

We had more storms overnight, I closed the bedroom window and turned on the window AC, he was still up and down but not like the night before, lordy was he a mess. And this afternoon, well I slept in and here in a bit I have to take Thomas our Norwegian Forest Cat, to the vet as he’s blown his summer coat so much that he’s nearly naked and this isn’t normal for him.