Orange Tabby Cat Bird

alcohol markers, acrylic paint markers, crayons, and white gel pen.

alcohol markers, acrylic paint markers, crayons, and white gel pen.

It's been a rough couple of thirty-six hours. Pepper started presenting an eye problem very late Saturday night, it didn't get worse over the course of yesterday. And then I woke up this morning.

Mind you John very rarely notices things about our pets though he enjoys their company and immensely, things like eye infections are just not in his wheelhouse. That's my thing.

So yes, when I woke up around ten this morning and found a note on my desk from John saying "Pepper never showed up for breakfast and I can't find him" I started to panic. I panicked  because at ten each morning he's waiting for me on the kitchen table waiting for his second feeding of the morning and he wasn't there!

Off I go to search the house, five times. FINALLY he shows up around 2:15. I immediately called the vet to schedule an appointment. After all there's no need to make one if you can't find the silly cat!  I fed him lunch, he was starving of course cause the last time he ate was at 5:30am when I saw him eating dry cat food and then later in the bath tub licking the tub.

Does anyone know why cats like to lick tub and showers??? I mean it's seriously gross.

I followed him after he was done eating and found his new hiding place.

Cue in 3:05 and I've got him in his crate and ready to go to the Vet, and my best friend Brenda took me and "cookie face" to the vet.

Conclusion. It's ocular herpes which is common in older cats, which means eye drops three times a day and keeping him isolated in his kennel for a few days. Why? Oliver our 86 pound labradoodle LOVES to lick Peppers face and it pisses Pepper of and to no end.

More later, I'm exhausted after today's adventures of being a cat mommy.