Queen Anne's Lace

Queen Anne's Lace: Faded Memories

I'm not sure if I'm finished with this piece or now, notice the tattered edge on the right side?  I'm not exactly happy with it at the moment and am thinking of some additional layering.

If you look close enough  you will see that there is additional stitching beneath the hot pink silk organza net, first layer is a silk damask type fabric I dyed with cochineal and then machine stitched to a layer of timtex.

I stitched a grid of sorts and some Queen Anne's Lace onto the first layer using a variegated pink rayon thread.

The initial audition.  The piece to the left consists of cochineal dyed silk organza atop a layer of indigo dyed silk damask fabric which may or may not be finished tonight.

Tis the Season Part Deux

Queen Anne's Lace No. 1
Thread stitched painted timtex.

I love this piece, it was a lot of fun to make, even if it did drive hubs nuts with all of the loose threads I left on the surface.  But that's what make it so much fun to make, so much so that my plans for this evening are to make more pieces just like this one.  The loose threads make the work come alive and while it sounds redundant the photos do not do this piece justice!

What have you created recently that bucked the norm to make your soul pop, giggle, and sing?

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Queen Anne's Lace No 4 & No 8 in Progress

No. 8 on the left and No. 4 on the right, both of which are upside down.  I love the orchid interior that's framed with the gold metallic paint.  I will create a panel for No. 8 this evening.

Also on my desk Queen Anne's Lace No's 4-6 which I'm hating at the moment, but will continue to push until I'm in love with them.  Acrylic paint on baltic birch raised panel frames 8x8x2 inches.