Queen Anne's Crows

WIP Queen Anne's Crows No. 7

Queen Anne's Crows No. 7

I don't like the clock face in this one, for starter's it's to white.  And while I'm tempted to rip the clock out altogether it does occur to me that I could get the clock functioning, after dulling up the clock face a wee bit, and put it up for sale at one of the local gallery shops.  Otherwise, yes I'm tempted to pull the clock face out and put something more meaningful, to me, in it's place.

WIP Queen Anne's Crows No 5

I'm not overly ripped on this shade of red, but for a base coat on the wood this will do, I'm wanting a much deeper shade of red. As for the paint dripping on the stitched panel never fear, that panel has been covered with plastic wrap.

I have to say I had doubts but this was a great idea, I figure if I truly end up hating the color(s) I can always paint the piece black, BUT, the act of painting the wood got me to thinking about the piece, what I want to add and where, what other colors do I want to add, do I want to leave the birds as is?  Btw you can get hose birds from my stencil series over at StencilGirl Products, the birds are a part of my Three Crows Series.  Am off to look at my copper nail and barbed wire collections while this layer of paint dries!

Before the first layer of red paint.