The Storm Before the Calm

Chaos, utter chaos is what this is!

Pepper sleeping during the storm!

Shot of my new studio space from the stairwell.  The floor is original and is in a picture frame pattern.

What is a dining room if you can't shove all sorts of stuff into it? It'll be empty of all the "stuff" come next Friday, even that peach colored hutch is going bye bye at the yard sale.

Our future family room, otherwise known as the Library but in reality is a catch all room.  In 1905 this house was a true double parlor home, this room was the family parlor.

Dining Room - Found

Well half of it anyway, I had to make a space for mom's china cabinet. It's going into the corner near the window, there's a heat duct about a third of the way in from the doorway. It smells of kerosene and cigarette smoke - yuck!!! It's still warming up tomorrow I'll clean it up and John will help me put the top up on the base.

I'll also clean the rest of the dining room out tomorrow and maybe even, maybe, maybe, wash the floor - Resounding applause!!!!!!!!! There's a glimpse of the rest of the mess. the colors of the room is a dark mustard, walnut trim, and a dark pumpkin base, the colors are muted compared to what you are seeing here.