Circles and Computers

I've been dealing with computer issues the past several days, to the point that when the dsl mysteriously shut off last night at 9pm I started to feel as if I was a dog chasing it's own tail!

So while grousing about all of the computer issues and my dislike of Centurylink, our internet provider, I painted some circles onto painted timtex with acrylic inks and paints.

It took three plus hours on the phone this afternoon, with Centurylink, to get the whole mess sorted out but as you can see we now have internet service again.

And I painted three small panels with circles, and this piece of watercolor paper also saw some circles.

Probably the most interesting accomplishment was the three thousand word short story I wrote up while waiting on the phone with Centurylink!  I'll rewrite it this week, give it a good polishing, and post it to my blog sometime next weekend.  It's a modern take on a mythological story.