On My Table

Sulfur shelf fungus harvested some fifteen years ago now, displayed on a very old silver plate platter which serves to catch any bit of detritus that seems to fall continuously from the fungus.

Otherwise known as Chicken of the Woods (Laetiporus sp.)

Run, don't walk, to buy this book it's beyond delicious!!!

Back in Decemember I decided that 2016 would be about focusing on studio practices, improving rusty skills, and in general creating more artwork.

Which lead to the purchase of several online classes, books, art supplies and more.  Now if I could only remember what I learned from my Illustrator and Photoshop classes, sigh.  Sometimes I swear my brain is a sieve. 

I ""highly"" recommend these four books, and two more books that will be arriving this week!

Tis the Season!

Queen Anne's Lace No. 2 
Encaustic Painting
4x4x2 inches

I've been loading artwork into my Big Cartel Shop today, so far I have photographed and loaded six items.  I think for me the hardest part about listing my artwork is not that it'll go live with someone else, or that people will pay the price I'm asking for my original art, it's describing it so that you understand what I have created.

Then again I could be over thinking all of this, it wouldn't be the first time.

I'm glad I took the time to rephotograph my artwork, after reading a recent article in Professional Artist Magazine "Less is More: Choosing Photos for your Marketing Efforts" (page 32 Dec2014/Jan2015 issue) it was well worth the effort.  And I still have a ton more to learn about good photography,

Art Crawl Iowa Virutal Studio Tour Update!

What you will need to participate in this years
Art Crawl Iowa Virtual Studio Tour:

  1. Currently live in Iowa
  2. A blog and/or a website where you will post creative photos of your studio(s)
  3. Brief artist statement and bio about yourself and your work.
  4. A couple of images of your artwork.
  5. List of galleries, etc., where we can see and/or purchase your artwork.
  6. Contact email
  7. Send me a link to your website/blog/page and I will add it to the list of participating artists here on this blog next Friday at
If you would like to participate in Art Crawl Iowa 2013 email me at

Etsy Treasury

Liz Plummer created an Treasury and included me how incredibly generous is that??? Here is the link:

I've more work to add to my store tonight, I spent part of today out in the garden removing creeping charlie, a type of ground ivy that is quite persistant. It's supposed to rain for the next several days.