Many Hats and New Adventures!

In the past year or so I've been working on sorting out my ""art"" life, i.e what direction did I want to go, and how did I want to get there because yes contrary to popular belief we do get some choices in these matters!

With that in mind I decided to close the Natural Surface Academy and focus on writing and creating art instead.  Really all I want to do is focus on what I'm really interested in and yes this still includes Natural Dyes!

What I'm really interested in (aside from getting this crazy keyboard fixed) is hand and machine stitching, exciting surface design, and taking these two elements and combining them together for storytelling.  Yeah, I was surprised to find out that storytelling was one word as well!

So sometime around June 1st (2015) I will be rolling out my vision for this journey that I have named:  Almost Stitched!

Also starting June 1st is Round Three of The 60 Day Bird Journal Challenge (60 Days of Birds).  Click the link to sign up for the newsletters! 

I will be posting more information this holiday weekend about how to participate in Almost Stitched!