Focus Oh Wait a Squirrel!

Blackbirds in Tree
Acrylic ink and paint on mixed media paper.  Blackbirds in Tree Stencil from StencilGirl Products.

I've done it again, I've run off on another bunny trail, the difference this time is I caught myself early enough in the act to say ""NO"" to myself!  I was a bit lost this afternoon and asked myself "Self why are we so lost and confused with a total lack of focus and to some extent desire?"

Self replied.. ."your going in too many directions again.  Tomorrow is your second accountability meeting for the fall and you have 'nothing' to show for the past 30 days."  Well I did meet one goal and I did submit my portfolio to a licensing agency, I've yet to hear back but I'm not bothered by this since I know my portfolio is not up to snuff, yet.

So here's the plan, I'm going back to my crows.  I will finish Crows Folly in the next thirty days, I will cut new and more exciting crow stencils, and I will finish my fabric collection out with crows!

Confession I have quite the pattern collection happening but no focal point fabric design.  I'm not quite sure how this happened but alas it did occur.  Yeppers I have some twenty repeat pattern designs all of which are tertiary patterns, no hero patterns, no focal point patterns, not even a secondary support pattern.  Just tertiary patterns.  And if you love butterflies and are wanting a small repeat to go into a traditional quilt pattern well then I have just the pattern and colorway for you!