Artists Yard Sale Haul

Scored four LeClerc Boat Shuttles this afternoon at a local Artist Yard Sale for all of $32.00, to say that I'm elated would be the understatement of the week.  The best part is now that  I'm cleaning my studio, for tomorrows Studio Tour, I'll now have room to pull out my loom, which is also a LeClerc, and start weaving again!

When I bought my Nautilus loom about eight years ago I forgot to purchase the boat shuttles along with the loom.  So it's sat folded up in a corner holding my art quilts for the past eight or so years. well this ends starting this weekend.

I also picked up some India inks in various colors, bead boxes, and some really old sequins.  I only wish I had known about the sale earlier in the day as she had an easel, etc., that I would have loved to have purchased for my studio.