I'm Bored, Therefore it's Time to Change Things!!!

My 'word' for 2014 is Courage, so I'm going to go out on a limb and share where I'm headed for 2015!!!

In the coming weeks I will be making some changes to the Natural Surface Academy and blog.  To be honest, keeping the Natural Surface strictly about natural dyeing is not only boring the hell out of me, but it's also stifling my creativity.

While I do work primarily with natural dyes, I also work with fabric paints, shiva paintstiks, digital printing, discharge dyeing (yes you really can discharge dye natural dyed fabrics), and more. 

Shiva paintstiks and crayon on indigo dyed cotton fabric.

I will be adding video links (YouTube) to some of my adventures that are for Academy Members ONLY! 

My dream is to license my designs, have my own fabric lines, etc., so with this in mind I am changing a few things here at the natural surface and adding in a bit more information, etc., I will be sharing my adventures in creating digital designs, licensing, etc., with Academy Members through our Facebook group. 

My 2014 Goals List that I made to use as my screen saver, I have to admit putting this, my goals list, out there scares the snot out of me but as some of my friends have told me in the past "go big or go home!"  

So here's to going big!