Inspiration and Money

Lunch time, this herd of cows live across the road from the marsh which makes the trip to the marsh that much more enjoyable. 
I am writing that blog entry on money, it is way harder to put into words what I'm thinking, and feeling, when it comes to money.  The upside is it is making me view my studio business in an entirely different light.  No more am I thinking of money and my studio business as simply covering my costs/expenses.  Now I'm thinking about profit margins, retirement plans, and I'm starting to think I swallowed an accountant, like it wasn't bad enough that I swallowed a computer geek now I'm starting to sound like a CPA.  Apparently, according to John, this is NOT a bad thing!!!

What I really need to get hubs in here with me to bounce some ideas off of, and lets just say his view of money is way different than mine and he has NO guilt issues what-so-ever about charging certain price points so as to stay in business. Yes I will share his opinions.