Third Quarter Woes

It' never ceases to amaze me when God gives me what I need before I actually need something. Friday I sold three pieces of art to a new collector!  That is certainly a Praise!  Nothing is more validating to a visual artist than to be able to sell their artwork and at full market value.  Usually when I have a sale I put a little aside for savings, my 10% for tithe, and typically replace materials used and any equipment needed in the studio with the remainder.

As of yesterday the guessing game was new tires for John's truck or taking my truck and having it fixed OR buying a new house fan.  As of today that question has been anwsered and we will now be having the central air repaired/replaced and the furnace serviced. 

When I got back from shopping with my BF Brenda, this afternoon, I noticed the house was exceptionally warm.  Looked at the thermostat and sure enough it was set to 73F but it was 78F in here.  Went down to the breaker box and it had been tripped.  Me being the chicken little that I am refused to touch the breaker and had John flip it back on and I'm glad I did.  Pop, crack, and flames shooting out of the breaker box.  We'd been having electrical problems all weekend John has been blowing circuits in the garage, etc, which has been happening since the city replaced our old meter with a new digital smart meter but now things are getting way worse and I'm looking the large appliances.

I'm not happy, but I am grateful that the Lord covered this one in advance! Here's to hoping and praying the CA can be repaired and not need to be replaced, this year.