Studio Table, Etc.

It's been living on the front porch for the better part of three years so I thought I'd give it a bath before bringing it into the house.  In cleaning the table loose paint started coming off of the top, so I got a scraper to help remove the lose paint and smooth things out.  As you can see the paint came off of the entire table top and with very little effort.

John using a teardrop scraper to clean paint off of the table trim.

We will repaint the table tomorrow, after a wee bit of sanding.  Can't wait as this table is very sturdy I always loved using my 6500 on this table as it didn't vibrate when running the machine at full tilt, like my current sewing table does.

More thread and beads, half the bead collection is now in the new studio space.  I also took time to seperate the threads, mostly, by colorways.

John put keyhole slots on the back of my Gutermann display rack this morning while I was sleeping in, using his router.