Studio Redux - 063011

Table is coming along nicely.  John fixed the buckling veneer, filled in the divits and then sanded the top, tomorrow he will paint the top a very nice warm white color, will have to see what it is called made by Valspar.

New studio space is becoming congested, BUT I'm getting rid of some tolerances I've been hanging onto for the past five years and there will soon be room for my fabric on the shelves!  I learned about tolerances as obstacles in a class I took with Alyson Stansfield last year... now that I'm a member of the Artist Conspiracy Project I'm learning how to eliminate those tolerances as they are obstcales to my peace of mind and success as a professional artist.

Every time I either come up from my wet studio or down from the new office space I bring a load with me into my new studio space.  For the first time in about oh ten years I can finally see all of my studio supplies.