House Fan Croaked - Yikes!!!

John and I were busily moving stuff this evening for the studio and the family room, at one point I commented that the air just wasn't moving in the house.  Sure enough when I went upstairs I noticed the absence of noise that our house fan creates. 

THIS IS NOT GOOD PEOPLE!!! I only run the Central Air when it's so hot and so humid that it makes me physically ill, that is how much I hate artificial air. 

BUT I really MUST have my house fan!  It creates a draft that makes my 1905 Victorian wanna be enjoybable to live in :-) 

So with that in mind I will be listing some yummies tomorrow, favorites from my studio, so that I can buy a new house fan by this weekend.  Praise the Lord the high here tomorrow is supposed to be 61F, there is a plan for everything isn't there and you have to know how much I love my house fan that I'm willing to sell my babies!