Basic Natural Dyeing Safety

Dye Safety
Copyright 2003
Kimberly Baxter Packwood

Never assume that because it’s a natural dye that it’s safe!

Many people have allergies to grasses, weeds, flowers and trees.

IF you are a highly sensitive/allergic person then be sure of what you are dyeing WITH before dyeing.

IF you have severe allergies consult with your doctor prior to dyeing with grasses, flowers, tree parts, or any unknown or known weed.

Always work in an area that is designated for studio/dye work.

Never use dye materials, mordants or other dyestuffs in your designated cooking areas!

Use only dedicated dye equipment that is used for dyeing/surface design only. Never use this equipment for cooking food for human consumption.

Use a high quality respirator when handling dye extracts and mordants.

Work in an adequately ventilated area.