In Progress

Well this is the before shot from about two years ago, everyone said it needed color, and they were right - to some extent. I do love the white on white work in this piece, I think a lot of folks just don't get subtlies of abstract art, I know my husband certainly doesn't.

Shot of the front the darker pink is Tsukineko ink that was mixed with aloe vera and applied with a dauber. It was never heat set so imagine my suprise when it came through the bath, and two trips through the washer and dryer, intact!

Detail of th wool batting notice it's pink coloring.

And it's taken a couple of years to get through this one! I"m thinking of compost and rust dyeing this piece next. Silk dupioni front, cotton fabric backing, and wool batting, it has been sitting in a Madder lac dye bath for about a week, no premordanting. I think the bath may have exhausted after the first rounds of silk fabrics that went through.