And How Was Your Day?

Mine started out with a fizzle and has gone down hill and quite well from there. I'm not feeling well - so not a good way to start as Saturday. And then I go to deep freeze in the basement, to get some ground to make burgers with, oh did I say I was wanting frozen ground? Well lets just say that the good news is I didn't lose everything, but I did lose all of the fruits and vegetables and a considerable amount of meat in the deep freeze. It's a very old very LARGE deep freeze that was very full (of meat), how old??? we estimate somewhere around 45 - 50 years old actually. Yes I do know that that is very old for any appliance and it IS unreasonable of me to expect say another 25 - 30 years out of my freezer, but hey a girl can wish right!

So here's the kicker, the upright that's an upright deep freeze, as opposed to the monstorous chest freezer that had just died, didn't want to start when I turned it on. Seems that after a year of sitting empty going back to work wasn't in the cards - and it's a brand new freezer.

The good news is in approximately 10 - 14 days we should have a new deep freezer, chest style, and the upright will be serviced on Tuesday.

I hope everyone else is having a much better weekend than we are.