Saturday Update

Well I'm still waiting ot hear from the doctor, will probably be waiting until Monday sometime actually, to hear if I fractured my hip or my lowest lumbar vertebrate, or both. It's a long story but I'll just say that'll be the last time I EVER dive to save a sewing machine from hitting the floor, even if it IS a $3000.00+ machine!

I've been in pain all week, and like the eyesight problems aren't bad enough now I'm in so much pain it's beyond belief. I finally got in to see a doctor this morning, I had been treating it like I just wrenched muscles, or disturbed sciatica, up until now, but two mornings in a row of not being able to get myself out of bed and it's time to see a doctor!

What sucks the most about this is it hurts like heck to sit down, or get up from a sitting position so sewing, reading, and the like are virtually out of the question. Even the happy pills the doctor gave me is NOT taking the edge off of the pain, which makes me not want to take them, I figures a muscle relaxer should help somewhat but no it doesn't, sometimes I think the pills are only making matters worse. I will say that that product that is advertised on TV, called Activon, does help a little bit, even more so when I apply some arnica creme after applying the Activon, which makes me really think it is bone related and not muscular.

Above is a piece I rust dyed and then painted with Setacolor Opaque Moss Green fabric paint. Now back to the prairie!