Hip Update

Well I'm lucky that nothing is fractured, I'm not so lucky because at 40 years of age my right hip is falling apart, as is some of my vertebrate (the last thorasic and the first lumbar). I attribute this to the hardware in my right leg and my really odd gait from said hardware - 12.5 inch plate with 7 pins that's what holds my right leg together! Anyway, I'm also starting to wonder if this is where the eyesight problems are originating from as I guess my vertebrate are in really bad condition.

The doc says there's nothing they can do until it's bad enough for surgery - well I refulse to take that diagnosis lying down. I've decided it's time to bone up on the yoga - building muscle helps to strenghten the frame and reduce arthritis symtoms and I may also start swimming again - that's if they ever got the pool fixed and opened to the public again. I'll be writing more about this over on my personal blog Survival Kitchen when I get a chance.