Pet Cemetary In Progress

The blue pieces, which are holding in the copper backing, need something, what I do not know, or don't have in my stash of ever growing goodies that make the piece look wonderful. I need to get this piece done as it's been promised out to a university gallery for the next year!

The problem with the blue pieces is they were damaged upon nailing them into the clock body, so they have split a bit and are uneven looking. I suppose one option is to take a large nail and pound it into the wood further splitting the wood and creating additional texture - what I like about this idea is I don't have to glue anything else into this piece!

Then there's the copper wire wrapped around the copper nails, that needs to be pushed further, more shells - which are at home in my home studio - more odd bits need to be wired onto the surface. I've plans for the sides, the hidden or suprise element which I love adding to my works.

Last but not least I've yet to come across that special piece that screams finial (sp?) that goes in the center between the two clock faces. Why clock faces??? The cemetaries around here have many tombstones that have clock faces carved into them, so that's the local element I am incorporating. The copper patina is influenced by the copper clad moseleum (sp?) next to the first wifes' grave, it's way cool looking if I get back out there in the next week I'll make sure to take pics and post them to the blog.

I've thought about attaching all sorts of things to the blue wooden strips, I lay things up against them and it just doesn't look right. I've even auditioned more copper nails into the strips, again, no go. I'm out of ideas, though I figure I can't do any more damage to the piece by texturizing the wooden strips. They are needed as they hide the really rough edge of the copper sheeting (that's a full 1.5 pounds of copper you see there).