Rusting Carrier Rods

I put a bunch of carrier rods on to rust tonight, they are currently buried under black plastic on my work table (the table that lives in my driveway). I'll try to post pictures tomorrow, I expect they will be plenty rusted enough tomorrow evening as it is really hot and REALLY humid here right now.

I have plans to make a few samples out of them for my extreme embroidery class I'm teaching, in studio, this fall. I like working with the carrier rods, they can be manipulated in so many ways creating really wild surfaces. They don't handle a lot of aggitaton well so if you are wanting them to remain intact (keep their shape and form) don't overwork them. I found that when dyeing them with natural dyes the excess rinsing took it's toll on the rods, I could still use them for my purposes but others may find this to be quite frustrating.